Car Donations

Car Donations


Donate your car today!

Speed’s Towing serves over twenty charities and non-profits with our auto donation programs. You can donate cars, trucks, boats, R.V.’s, and trailers. We pickup the donation, prepare it for the next weekly auction, sell it, notify Motor Vehicles Division that a sale occurred and who the purchaser was, then send the proceeds to the appropriate charitable organization. In 2008, we raised nearly 2 million dollars for the organizations we work with.

Benefits of donating your car!

Along with a great tax deduction, donating your vehicle has many benefits. Chose from the following list of companies that help those less fortunate, those in drug rahabilitation programs, teenagers living on the streets, abused women, animals and much more. Also enjoy freedom from the hassle of selling the vehicle. Click Here to email us today!

Donation company links

Animal Rescue and Care Fund // 503.402.8692 //

Astoria Music Festival // 503.325.9896 //

Breast Cancer Car Donations // 866.540.5069 //

Cat Adoption Team // 503.925.8903 //

Camp Fire Columbia // 503.224.7800 //

Catholice Broadcasting Northwest // 503-285-5200 ext. 301 //

CityTeam Ministries // 503.231.9334 //

Compassion Connect // 503.405.6776 //

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital Inc. // 971.255.5918 Abby Crouch//

Ecotrust // 503.467.0826 //

Father Joe’s Villages // 1.888.328.4375 //

Feral Cat Coalition // 505.797.2606 //

Frontier Missions // 503.492.0904 //

Furry Friends // 360.993.1097 //

Global Backpack Project // 503.780.2422 //

Goodwill // 503.238.6178 //

James Beard Market //

KMHD Jazz Radio // 503.535.9372 //

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon // 503.292.2280 //

Marylhurst University // 503.699.6307 //

Meals on Wheels //

Neighborhood House PDX//

Oregon Ballet Theatre // 503.227.0977 //

Oregon Public Broadcasting // 503.421.3273 //

Oregon Humane Society // 503.285.7722 //

Impact NW // 503.234.7920 //

Portland Rescue Mission // 503.227.0421 //

Scandinavian Heritage Foundation // 503.977.0275 //

Society of St. Vincent De Paul // 503.595.2281

The American Council of the Blind of Oregon //

The Father’s Heart Street Ministry // 503.722.9780 //

The Salvation Army //

Tucker- Maxon School //

Veteran Car Donations // 877.594.5822 //

Wild Cat Haven // 503.625.0812 //


Youth for Christ //

Youth Music Project // (503)616-5967

Important Donation Instructions

If you are selling, donating or giving a vehicle to someone else, you must sign over the title to them. On the back of the title, there is a section for the buyer(s) and seller(s) to sign. If the title is older, you may see a section for “registered owners” and “new owners.” All owners shown on the front of the title must sign.

Non-profit organizations fall under the definition of “vehicle dealer” in ORS 822.005 when the stated purpose of vehicle donation program is to raise cash for the charity and create a tax deduction for the donor. The Oregon DMV has specific instructions that must followed in-order-to achieve the transfer of your vehicle into cash for the charity and a tax deduction for you.

Unless your selected charity is a licensed dealer in the State of Oregon, (most are not), the vehicle must be consigned to an agent, (Speed’s Towing), of a charity, the vehicle is then sold at auction, and the irrevocable donation of cash goes directly to the selected charity and specific tax deduction forms are mailed after the sale to the donor.

Click Here to read more about Gary Coe and Speed’s Towing charitable donations.

Additional instructions

Record the odometer reading on the title, if applicable.

Notify DMV of a sale within 10 days. You are required by law to provide this notice. You may choose one of the following options.

1. Use the online notice of vehicle sale form;
2. Download a copy of the notice of vehicle sale (to fill out and mail to DMV).

If you wish, you may use a bill of sale to aid in your transaction. Note: The bill of sale is not a substitute for signing over the title, which must be done to transfer the vehicle’s ownership.

If there is a lien on the vehicle (in other words, if you still owe money on your loan), the security interest holder is the legal owner and you cannot sell, donate or gift the vehicle until you have satisfied their interest (paid off the loan) and they have provided the title to you with a written release of interest.

Important: You must notify DMV that you have sold a vehicle within 10 days of the sale. This information will be noted on the vehicle record, but the name(s) on DMV records cannot change until the title is submitted for transfer. Oregon Revised Statutes 803.112 to ORS 803.117, and Oregon Administrative Rule 735-020-0080 provide further information on your responsibilities.