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Can A Towing Company Fix a flat Or A Dead Battery, Or Is It Strictly For Towing?

It’s a fact of life that cars break down. Whether it’s due to an accident or just from wear and tear, sometimes you’ll need a tow truck to get you out of particular messes. But what if the battery is dead? Some people assume that roadside assistance companies always offer to jumpstart your car and tow it for you, but this isn’t the case. This article will explore whether they can fix flat tires or dead batteries on your vehicle or not!

What to expect from a tow company

Your insurance company generally contracts towing companies in the event of an emergency. The only reason they would fix a flat or jumpstart your car when your battery dies is if you’ve paid for it, so read all terms and conditions before signing anything! Some roadside assistance plans will also include towing services with free tire changes when necessary.

Can they fix a flat or a dead battery on your car?flat tire services

Roadside companies generally offer towing services, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want them to change a spare tire, jumpstart the car, etc. Before signing anything, be sure to read all terms and conditions, so you know exactly what to expect! It’s also good to note that the towing company may not fix a flat or jumpstart your vehicle for free if it doesn’t feature in the terms and conditions.

What does roadside assistance entail?

Roadside assistance refers to a service package designed to help motorists out with a variety of quick fixes. If you experience car problems in the middle of the highway, you can contact your roadside assistance provider for any of the following:

Battery service

When your car battery is dead, you can contact your roadside assistance service for a free jumpstart. However, if the issue lies with another part of your car, such as an alternator or starter, they won’t fix it.

Flat tire service

If one of your tires goes flat while driving on a busy road, call them for a free tow and have the tire replaced. The service provider will deploy a mechanic to make the necessary repairs. If you have a flat tire at home, they may not fix it for free if your roadside assistance plan doesn’t include this service.

Lock service

If your car is locked, you can call roadside services for help as well as replacement keys if necessary. Just keep in mind that they most likely won’t unlock it without damaging something, so this isn’t an emergency!

Hazardous materials removal

If you experience an accident or spill hazardous materials in your car, call roadside assistance for help. This may include anything from oil leaks to chemical spills, so it’s important to call immediately.

Fuel delivery

Most companies offer emergency fuel delivery after an oil leak to get you back on the road again! Just be sure they’ve got enough gas left in their tank, which can vary depending on how much they give away per year, so this isn’t an emergency either.

Extrication Services

If you get stranded in a remote location, you can call your roadside service for help. They will deploy an emergency response team with the proper tools to remove anyone stuck in the car safely and securely.

What does roadside assistance NOT include?

If you have not purchased the service plan, your insurance company contracts roadside companies, so they won’t fix a dead battery or jumpstart it for free. They will only provide tow services, which means anything else is up to you! If your car stalls on the side of a busy road, you should call roadside assistance as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that they will only fix your car if it falls under their terms and conditions.

Is towing the same as roadside assistance?

No, a towing service will only help fix the car if you’ve paid for it. Roadside assistance is a separate service package designed to get motorists back on the road again in emergencies like battery failure or flat tire issues.

Is roadside assistance covered under my auto policy?

Roadside assistance is not covered under your auto policy. This means you’ll have to pay an extra fee each month for the service package. However, it’s still cheaper than paying out of pocket when you experience car problems on a busy highway!

Why do insurance companies contract roadside companies?

Insurance companies only contract companies for safety reasons. This means your roadside assistance plan isn’t separate from your auto policy, making it easier for police reports after accidents! If they come across a car accident scene, they’ll be able to identify the vehicle’s owner and contact their insurance company.

Can I get roadside assistance on my motorcycle?

Insurance companies contract most companies to provide roadside assistance for cars. That means motorcycles and other vehicles may not be covered under this plan unless they’re included in your policy already. Keep in mind that some plans may offer a different package or price per month, so it’s best to ask before you sign up!

What is the average cost of roadside assistance?

Most companies offer a flat fee for their service package. This means you’ll pay an extra monthly rate to cover most common emergencies like dead batteries, punctured tires, and lockout services. Some plans may require an additional per-incident charge, but overall, it’s still cheaper than paying out of pocket for emergencies!

Need a tow?

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Can A Towing Company Fix a flat Or A Dead Battery, Or Is It Strictly For Towing?

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