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 Can The Towing Company Come Put Chains On My Tires If I Get Stuck In The Snow?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

The winter season is not the best time to be driving outside. With so many inches of snow piling on […]

Can I Pick Up My Car Even If I Don’t Have A License?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

Getting towed is one of the worst experiences for a licensed driver. Losing access to your car can be very […]

Can Towing Companies Fix A Flat Tire? 

Posted on by Speed's Towing

Flat tires are a common occurrence on the road! It doesn’t matter whether your car is new or old-they happen […]

Some Things to Know About Roadside Assistance 

Posted on by Speed's Towing

No one wants to be stranded on the side of a highway! Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar occurrence […]

Can A Tow Company Bring Me Gas? 

Posted on by Speed's Towing

Tow truck companies do more than pull your disabled vehicle out of an accident scene. They are trained to rescue […]

Can A Towing Company Drive Me Home Or Do I Have To Call My Own Ride?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

It is always a relief when a tow company comes to pick up your disabled vehicle during a roadside emergency. […]

Can A Towing Company Fix a flat Or A Dead Battery, Or Is It Strictly For Towing?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

It’s a fact of life that cars break down. Whether it’s due to an accident or just from wear and […]

What’s The Longest A Tow Company Can Keep Your Vehicle?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

Several reasons will get your car hauled by a towing company. It might be because you parked in a disabled […]

What If I’m Stuck Down An Alley Or Driveway That The Tow Truck Can’t Get To?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

For most motorists having car trouble, a tow truck service is usually the first line of help that comes to […]

Why Do Apartment Buildings Have Contracted Towing Companies?

Posted on by Speed's Towing

Apartment buildings are one of the most common types of housing. It seems like they’re everywhere! You may not have […]


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