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What If I’m Stuck Down An Alley Or Driveway That The Tow Truck Can’t Get To?

For most motorists having car trouble, a tow truck service is usually the first line of help that comes to mind. Tow trucks have proven to be a dependable service in such situations. However, what happens when you find yourself in a situation that a tow vehicle can’t get to you? This blog post guides you on how to get yourself unstuck from such a precarious position.

What to do when a tow truck can’t get to you

Just because a tow vehicle can’t access the alley or driveway, your car is stuck in, that doesn’t mean the end of the line for your journey. Your tow service provider deals with such incidents daily; chances are they have experienced it before. Luckily, they are resourceful enough to think of something to get around the situation. Most tow trucks have the equipment to back themselves up, including:

Hook and chain

Some tow truck companies can use their hook and chain to snatch your car or tie it on top of the vehicle where you can drive out together with them—that is, if they feel like doing so. If not, another option would be for a flatbed service (if possible) where they lift your vehicle and carry it away.


If you have a winch, expect them to use that instead of relying on manual labor alone. A tow truck with a winch can pull the car out from its place, provided there’s enough clearance for both vehicles. Winching can usually be done in tight spaces too narrow for the tow truck to fit through.

Grappling hook

If there is no winch available, your best bet would be trying out a grappling hook method. A grappler works by using two hooks—one at the front of the car and one on top where it’s hooked onto something sturdy enough (like another vehicle). The idea behind this is to move the vehicle in a controlled manner by pulling it sideways.

Tow strapTow Strap

The last resort is to use a tow strap. This method involves attaching one end of the strap onto another car that can pull you out (if available). The other end will then be attached to your vehicle, and both cars would move in unison as much as possible without causing damage. If everything goes as planned, you should be out of your misery in no time.

Steps towards getting yourself unstuck

A tow truck service may not help you in some situations, more so when the driver is not willing to go that extra mile. All motorists must know what to do when they get stuck, especially if no one else can come out and help them. Here are some quick tips on how to escape from your sticky situation:

Step one: Stay calm

The first thing you need to do is assess the damage and figure out the extent of your problems. If you can’t move at all, it would be wise to wait for help before doing anything else; otherwise, bear with it until someone comes along.

Step two: Check if there’s enough room for your car

If you’re stuck in a tight spot, it would be best to try and see if there’s enough room for the tow truck service to fit through. However, this is not always possible—some alleys may be too narrow or blocked by cars that can’t be moved out of the way. In such cases, take note of the size of your vehicle and see if you can fit through.

Step three: Check for any loose parts on your car

If it’s safe enough to do so, check whether any exposed wires or gas lines may cause harm when moved around. If possible, park your car in a way where nothing is sticking out that may cause issues. Make sure to turn off your ignition before leaving the car unattended.

Step four: Check for any materials that can help you escape

If there are loose items within arm’s reach, see if they can be used in whichever way possible. Tools like a crowbar or anything heavy enough can do wonders when used correctly. Do not try to move the car by yourself as you may only create more problems than what’s required.

Step five: Call for help

This is a no-brainer, but it has been done before. If all else fails, call up your local roadside assistance service and direct them to your location. There’s no point in calling anyone else as they may not be willing to help you out.

If you’re stuck in an alley with not enough room for the towing service, you must know what to do next. Ask your tow provider about their policy before going ahead with this kind of job since it can be a bit tricky. Some towing services may not even answer your call in the first place, so think about what you’re getting into beforehand.

Will a towing service charge you extra?

If you call a towing service provider and they manage to maneuver your car out the alley, you can expect them to charge extra for their service. Most tow truck operators are reliable when it comes to customer satisfaction; they would not mind coming out of their way just so your car can be moved with no damage rendered whatsoever.

Call Speeds Towing for Instant Help!

Our company has conducted hundreds of difficult tows to get motorists out of trouble. If you ever find yourself in such a situation and are in dire need of a tow truck in Portland, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll respond to your emergency as soon as possible!

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What If I’m Stuck Down An Alley Or Driveway That The Tow Truck Can’t Get To?

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