The Pearson Air Museum in Portland, Oregon is a captivating spot for those passionate about history and aviation. Established in 1991, this museum seeks to guard the rich aviation history of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Whether you’re a historian or an aviation enthusiast, the Pearson Air Museum is sure to be an entertaining and educational experience. With its fascinating exhibits, it’s the perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. From its grandiose displays to its innovative exhibits, the Pearson Air Museum is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. So come explore the history of aviation and its impact on the Pacific Northwest today!

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The museum’s selection of vintage aircraft is an impressive one, featuring several rare and remarkable planes. Such as the Curtiss JN-4D ‘Jenny’ biplane, which was used to train pilots during WWI. You can also find a Boeing P-26A ‘Peashooter’, which was one of the first American monoplane fighters, and the de Havilland DH-4 bomber, a vital part of WWI.

The Historic Army Hangar at the museum is one of its more popular attractions. Built in 1918, it is one of the oldest wooden structures on the West Coast and houses an array of exhibits. One of these is a re-creation of a World War II-era army barracks. Another is a display dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military pilots in the U.S. This unique exhibit celebrates their history and bravery. As one of the museum’s most beloved attractions, the Historic Army Hangar is well worth a visit.

The Pearson Air Museum is a great way to explore aviation and the Pacific Northwest. It has an impressive collection of vintage planes, interactive activities, and a historic army hangar, offering visitors a captivating look into the past. Plus, there’s the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, which is adjacent to the museum and provides an immersive experience of the 19th century. Visitors can talk to costumed interpreters and learn about the lives of the traders, trappers, and Native Americans who were there.

For anyone with an interest in aviation or history, the Pearson Air Museum is an absolute must-see. It has something for everyone, from interactive activities to period-specific artifacts. It’s a great way to explore the history and culture of the region in an entertaining and educational way. Plus, with the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, visitors get to experience life in the 19th century. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the past, there’s something for everyone at the Pearson Air Museum.

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