The Portland Art Museum, located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, has been around since 1892 and is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the Pacific Northwest. It boasts an impressive collection of 42,000 artworks from all over the world, including pieces from ancient civilizations and modern masterpieces.

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The museum has several galleries dedicated to different periods and genres of art. You can explore the ancient art gallery, which showcases art and artifacts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and other ancient cultures. The museum also has an excellent Asian art collection, featuring artwork from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

The contemporary art gallery is a must-see, exhibiting work from both emerging and established contemporary artists worldwide. Its ever-changing exhibitions display some of the most stimulating and thought-provoking pieces of art around.

The Portland Art Museum plays host to an array of transient exhibitions each year, featuring works of art from across the globe and encompassing a wide selection of subjects. These differing presentations range from retrospective to modern, giving visitors the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the art world. The museum also houses a permanent collection, giving further insight into the development of art over time.

The museum offers a variety of educational programs and events for all ages. These include guided tours, lectures, workshops, and art-making activities. Our education team is passionate about making art accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or knowledge.

The Portland Art Museum Gala is one of the most exciting events of the year. This glamorous evening brings art admirers and philanthropists together for a night of dinner, dancing, and fundraising for the museum’s programs and exhibitions. An unforgettable experience for all who attend!

The Portland Art Museum is a must-visit for art lovers and culture connoisseurs. It boasts an expansive array of art collections, captivating exhibitions and a wide range of programs and events. The Northwest Film Center is also based here, providing a year-round schedule of films from around the world, as well as educational opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

No matter if you’re a long-time art enthusiast or a newbie to the scene, the Portland Art Museum is sure to spark your imagination. From its impressive works to its varied activities, it has something for everyone. So come and see for yourself why this museum is a beloved destination.

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