The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals is a captivating repository located in Hillsboro, just a few miles outside of Portland, Oregon. Here, you can find an extraordinary collection of over 30,000 minerals, rocks, fossils, meteorites, and gems from around the world.

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This museum was founded in 1953 by Richard and Helen Rice and has a long tradition of gathering and protecting samples from local mines and quarries, as well as from distant locations such as Africa, South America, and Australia. Nowadays, the museum is owned and operated by the Rice family and a team of zealous volunteers who are eager to spread their knowledge and fondness of geology with guests of all ages.

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals boasts an impressive collection of agates that are sure to captivate visitors. These colourful and patterned rocks come from all corners of the globe, and include the renowned Lake Superior agates from Michigan, the bold Mexican fire agates, and the exquisite plume agates from Oregon. Viewers can admire the diverse hues and shapes of these remarkable specimens, and gain insight into the geological processes that fashioned them. The collection of agates at the museum is truly a sight to behold!

The Rice Northwest Museum boasts a remarkable collection of meteorites. Among their featured pieces is a huge 1,400-pound iron meteorite that was found in Argentina. Visitors to the museum have the unique opportunity to touch pieces of space rocks and learn more about the fascinating history of meteorites, which have mystified humans for centuries. This exhibit is sure to captivate and excite even the most seasoned museumgoers.

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals stands out for its amazing location. Located on a former quarry site, the area has been transformed into a stunning nature park with picturesque hiking trails, picnic spots, and majestic views of the hills. You can explore the park and marvel at the basalt rock layers, which were formed millions of years ago.

If you’re interested in geology, minerals, and fossils, you must pay a visit to the Rice Northwest Museum. With its impressive collection, knowledgeable staff, and breath-taking location, the museum is sure to provide a captivating and educational experience for all ages. Whether you’re an avid rockhound or simply curious about the natural world, you’re bound to find something that will both fascinate and inspire you.

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