The Springwater Corridor Trail is an incredible 21-mile multi-use pathway in Portland, Oregon – one of the longest continuous urban trails in all of the United States. This route is a favourite among cyclists, joggers, walkers, and skaters, who can all take in the stunning natural sights and landscapes along the way.

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Starting in downtown Portland near the Willamette River, the trail follows an old rail line that was once used by the Oregon Pacific Railroad. It then takes a journey eastward, passing through many parks and neighbourhoods, including Sellwood, Eastmoreland, and Gresham. All the while, trail-goers can admire the beautiful views of the Willamette River, wetlands, and lush forests.

The Springwater Corridor Trail stands out for its diverse set of natural areas. Urban Portland, the serene Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and the tranquil Powell Butte Nature Park are all accessible from the trail. Additionally, there are numerous wetlands and ponds with abundant bird and wildlife populations.

The trail also offers plenty of amenities for visitors. Rest areas, benches, and picnic spots can be found throughout the trail, along with drinking fountains and bike repair stations. Plus, the trail is well-lit, ensuring a safe experience day or night.

Exploring the Springwater Corridor Trail is a joy, especially with the public art installations it boasts. Murals, sculptures, and other artworks bring the culture and history of the area to life. One particularly striking piece is the Portland Memorial Coliseum mural, which immortalizes some renowned events of the city – like the Mount St. Helens eruption and the Portland Trail Blazers’ NBA championship victory. A sight to behold, the mural is a must-see for all who visit the area.

The Springwater Corridor Trail is a perfect demonstration of how cities can be designed to prioritize nature and active transportation. It offers a secure and convenient path for people to travel, exercise, or take in the scenery of the area. Moreover, by encouraging pedestrians and cyclists instead of cars, the trail helps to promote sustainability.

The Springwater Corridor Trail is a gem for Portland, Oregon. It provides an engaging and refreshing way to experience the city’s natural wonders and cultural history. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly way to travel and stay active. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting, the Springwater Corridor Trail is an absolute must.

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