Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell my car?

You will be charged 12 % of the selling price.

Can I sell my car without a title?

No – You must have a title.

What paperwork is needed to sell my car?

Bill of Sale (printable below), Consignment Form (printable below) and the Title for the Vehicle.

Can I set a minimum price?

Yes, simply state it on the Consignment Form.

When do I need to turn in all the paperwork and drop off the car?

The paperwork must be submitted and the vehicle dropped off by the

Thursday before the auction.

Am I required to disclose damage to a vehicle, known problems or reconstructed title?


Will I need to notify DMV?

No, we will do that for you.

Once my car is sold, when will I be paid?

There will be a check for the amount the vehicle sold for minus the 12% seller’s fee at the Auction Lot on the following Tuesday, 1 week after the auction.


Consignment Contract

Bill of Sale