Powellhurst-Gilbert is a vibrant and ever-expanding area of Portland, Oregon. Situated in the Southeast corner of the city, the neighbourhood is well-known for its vintage homes, parks, and lively community. Powellhurst-Gilbert gets its name from Powell Boulevard and Gilbert Road, meeting at the heart of the neighbourhood. To the north is Montavilla, to the east is Hazelwood, to the south is Centennial, and to the west is Lents.

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Powellhurst-Gilbert is a charming residential area, boasting a variety of housing types – from single-family homes to apartments and townhouses. Many of these homes have been built in the mid-20th century and feature a distinct architectural style. This neighbourhood also offers plenty of recreational opportunities, such as Gilbert Primary Park, Earl Boyles Park, and Powell Butte Nature Park.

One of the things that make Powellhurst-Gilbert so special is its diverse population. This area is home to several immigrant communities and their cultural presence is palpable – from ethnic markets and restaurants to festivals. The neighbourhood has a significant population of Vietnamese, Russian, and Somali residents, and each of these groups has contributed to the area’s unique heritage.

In recent times, Powellhurst-Gilbert has seen a huge growth in development and revitalization. A plethora of businesses have sprung up, from cafes to breweries and restaurants. Additionally, existing buildings have been renovated, making the area look more modern and inviting. Moreover, cycling has become a more popular mode of transportation in the neighbourhood with the addition of bike lanes and the extension of the city’s bike share program. As a result, the community is more cyclist-friendly now than ever before.

Powellhurst-Gilbert has recently seen a surge of growth and progress, but it has not been without its difficulties. As is the case with many parts of Portland, the area has witnessed a steady rise in housing costs, making it tough for some locals to afford to stay. Furthermore, crime and safety concerns have been a struggle for the neighbourhood.

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighbourhood Association is a shining example of the community spirit that pervades the area. This group of dedicated residents is devoted to ensuring the quality of life in the area, advocating for safety, encouraging economic growth, and backing local schools.

The Powellhurst-Gilbert neighbourhood is ever-evolving and incredibly diverse. Despite the difficulties that come with progress, the neighbourhood’s strong sense of identity and community pride will ensure its continued growth and prosperity.

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