Welcome to South Waterfront, the vibrant neighbourhood located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. With stunning views of the Willamette River and Mt. Hood, this area has become a destination for high-tech companies, luxury condos, and trendy restaurants. It’s the perfect balance of urban living and natural beauty, making South Waterfront a highly desirable place to live.

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Located just south of downtown Portland, the South Waterfront neighbourhood is home to Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). This university has a major impact on the area, driving its growth and encouraging medical professionals and researchers to settle here. Many of OHSU’s students and employees have chosen to make South Waterfront their home, creating an exciting and diverse community.

The South Waterfront is renowned for its luxurious high-rise condos, perfect for those looking for a luxurious urban lifestyle. The likes of The John Ross, The Meriwether, and The Atwater are some of the most sought-after buildings in the area, boasting stunning views of the river and the city skyline.

As well as housing and medical facilities, South Waterfront is also a haven for food-lovers, thanks to its range of upscale eateries. Three Degrees and the award-winning Maurice are two of the most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood, offering al fresco dining with stunning views of the river.

South Waterfront is the perfect place for urbanites and outdoor lovers alike. With a 30-acre park, Elizabeth Caruthers Park, boasting stunning views of the river and the city skyline, it’s the perfect spot for picnics and outdoor activities. Here, you can find a playground, a basketball court, and a large grassy area.

For those who prefer to stay indoors and stay active, South Waterfront has got you covered. ClubSport gym is a popular destination, with a variety of exercise equipment, group fitness classes, and an indoor pool, making it the ideal place for fitness fanatics of all levels.

The South Waterfront is a thriving, vibrant area that provides a mix of modern living and natural beauty. Its luxury condos, top-notch restaurants, and dedication to sustainability have made this region a sought-after destination for those who love an upscale urban lifestyle. From its unparalleled views of the city skyline to its plethora of outdoor activities, this neighbourhood has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking for a chic place to live or simply want to explore the area, the South Waterfront is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

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